Ready to get to the root of what's been holding you back?

The principles of manifesting are universal.

But when it comes to applying them, most of us have an easier time manifesting our desires in some areas than others.


Maybe you’re great at attracting money and gifts but you’re still wanting to experience your dream relationship and share your life with someone...


… or perhaps you’re already with your ideal partner but you’re still struggling with your health or in your career.


To manifest what you want across different areas of your life, you need to be able to shift your mindset at the root.


It’s like finding the key that opens doors to everything you want to come in a way you can recognize, receive and enjoy it! 🚪


What if there were a way for you to finally get crystal clear on your life and desires, and then see a flood of amazing manifestations and shifts?

"My session with Lana was absolutely indescribable. Soul-shifting, mind-altering and magical - with powerful immediate results!"

~Selena Soo

Limited Time Offer: 30-minute Clarity Coaching Call

After the clarity coaching call, you will:

  • Know with total clarity what you want next

    A 30-minute call with a healer once transformed my life. I'd love to give you the same gift - to create total clarity on what you want and a plan for how to get it.

  • Recognize the blocks

    Let's be honest. You've spent enough time getting stuck in the same place over and over again. Let's get right to the root so you can finally move forward.

  • Have a clear path for creating that miracle

    You'll come away from our call knowing exactly what's been holding you back and what steps to take next.

Haven't you been feeling stuck for long enough?

How amazing would it feel if your biggest pain in the butt problem was magically gone? 💨


Book your 30-minute clarity coaching call for just $99.


"In the session, I realized that I had subconsciously thought that my fucked-upness is not only worse than everyone else’s, but that it’s unfixable.


Lana made it ok to be with all the pain and normalized it so it didn’t feel disgusting or shameful.


I felt like she really saw and ‘got’ me - even better than I get myself. That’s priceless."

~Heidi Decoux

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What if I don't see anything available when I'm free?

    A: Lana's schedule fills up fast and she only does the Clarity Coaching Calls on certain days each week. If you don't see a time that works for you, you can try to book the following week when new times open up

  • Q: What if I want to cancel or reschedule after I've booked?

    A: The Clarity Coaching Call is not refundable. If you want to reschedule, you can do so at least 24-hours before your scheduled time without any penalty. If you can't make the call and don't reschedule within 24 hours, you will lose the call.

  • Q: Will Lana answer all of my questions on the call?

    A: When you book the Clarity Coaching Call, you will fill out a form answering questions about the one area of life you'd like to have more clarity and shifts in.


    If there is additional time left at the end of the coaching session to ask additional questions, you may do so. But the main focus will be to get to the root of the problem and create a clear plan for moving forward in one area of life.

"My session with Lana helped me uncover unconscious commitments and ways of being that were sabotaging me from moving forward. I gained the confidence to step into a new reality with ease!"

~Alexandra DeSousa

Ready for answers and clear next steps?

Book your 30-minute clarity coaching call for just $99.


About Lana

Lana Shlafer is a mindset coach, author of the best-selling book Manifest That Miracle and host of the Manifest That Miracle podcast.


Over the past decade, she has empowered thousands of clients and students to manifest what seems out of reach, including buying their dream home, healing from a chronic illness and meeting their ideal partner.


Lana’s energetic personality and no holds barred coaching has been featured in Forbes, TVOne and NPR. Lana studied at UC Berkeley and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.


She lives her dreams in Puerto Rico with her amazing husband and three magical kids, and is working on her second book.